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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Hollow Rock Beach (Lake Superior) Grand Portage, Minnesota

Located along the north shore of lake superior is a beautiful place where wild flowers bloom along a rocky shoreline and an unique island sits just off the beach.

Hollow Rock beach is located in Grand Portage, Minnesota just behind the Hollow Rock Resort.

The place gets it's name from the Island/Rock formation that sits just off the beach.

Quaint cabins are scattered throughout  the wildflower covered grounds of the resort. The place is very peaceful. I could see myself staying here for a week or so! 😊

Reserve Cabins here

 I'm not sure if you are required to stay at the resort to take advantage of the beach area or not. There was no one anywhere in site and no one staying at the cabins when we stopped by for a look.


7422 E Highway 61
Grand Portage, Minnesota 55605

Happy Travels! 

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